Where it all began

In the year 2000 both Piet le Roux and his wife, Magda, started to look for an own business that will give recurring income. Their desire to get paid what they were worth together with the dream to be able to manage their own time, they started to research possible options. They wanted a unique business concept which would add value to the customer and has the potential to expand across the country. Key factors for consideration were a home-based concept, easy to duplicate, customer satisfaction and getting paid when the job is done. Together they prayed and ask for God’s guidance.

They were led by the answer that it should be a need in their own home.  They spent hours investigating the different options and Piet got the affirmation when Magda desperately asked “how can I clean my vertical blinds”.  Even more hours of research were done and they were over the moon when they found a solution not only for blinds but for curtains too!

They were the first in South Africa to be able to wet or dry clean any window-covering RIGHT where it hangs with a NO SHRINKAGE and DAMAGE GUARUANTEE. They imported two machines and started with no know-how and no support.  After 2 years they said that they "rushed  in where angels fear to tread".  It took many hours and trials to find all  the answers how to start a unique business concept as far as operating and marketing is concerned.

The new business flourished

Business was tough in the beginning and after penetrating the market by adhering to the new defined marketing strategies, the business flourished.  Repeat business came in and new business soon followed by word of mouth referrals and recommendations.  In 2003 they purchased another wet-and-dry cleaning machine and in 2004 they purchased a wet cleaning machine.  To be able to distribute these machines in South Africa, they purchased a top of the range industrial carpet cleaning extractor in 2005.  All of this was inspired by their dream to expand the business throughout South Africa.

ON-SITE Cleaning franchising

After 6 years of being directly involved in every aspect of the cleaning and having sourced the best equipment, they have decided to give others the opportunity to emulate their success.  Realising how important it is for a business owner to receive training and develop their skills they decided to franchise their business.  Franchising the business will give them the opportunity to share their knowledge and to promote business owners professionally. 

It took months to free themselves from their current jobs to document their method to success, get acquainted with the requirements to be a franchisor and drawing up all the legal documentation. They even ran a trial exhibition in 2007 at the Cape Town International Convention Centre to ensure that they meet all the franchisee expectations. The franchise operation was further formulated and fine-tuned with the guidance of professional consultants.

Customer Satisfaction

ON-SITE cleaning is built on customer satisfaction.  It has been designed so that franchisees have all the reason why customers want to call and use them first.  As a result the franchisee reap the financial rewards.  They are committed to provide you full back-up support to ensure that you will never be on your own.  The network is, and will continue to be, made up by "like-minded" people who are determined to promote the ON-SITE Cleaning principles and enjoy the satisfaction, independence and financial success it brings.

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