Initial Fee : R250 000 (excluding VAT) - based on exchange rate of 1$:R8.00

Management Service Fee

5% with a minimum of R 1000 payable on the 1st of every month via debit order 

Marketing Fund Fixed

Percentage with a minimum and maximum value.

Reserve / Working Capital

We suggest that you have a reserve of cash for at least 3 months operating expenses until your business is up and running.

The Earnings Opportunity

When you sign up with ON-SITE Cleaning, you are not just buying a job; you are investing in a proven and profitable franchise business.We know that every franchisee has the potential to double or triple their number of machines as their business skills are perfected, and whenever it suits them, if they are enthusiastic, follow our system and have the will to exceed.

Please contact us for more details of initial investment and the earning opportunity.

Your next step

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