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Enthusiasts Only Required  

Having reviewed the ON-SITE Cleaning franchise opportunity detailed herein, and you are enthusiastic about the possibility of becoming an ON-SITE Cleaning franchisee – then please consider the important criteria that are vital to us in appointing a new franchisee: 

Franchisee Profile

  • You are keen and want to run you own business
  • You are prepared, initially at least, to actually do the job of cleaning
  • You have the discipline to follow the ON-SITE Cleaning formula for success
  • You are prepared to work hard to develop the business
  • You have the ability to relate to people at all levels
  • You can finance the capital required
  • You will be happy in a marketing and sales environment

As an ON-SITE Cleaning franchisee, you can operate on a one team basis with you, the franchisee, driving the vehicle and providing the services. However, we are keen to take you to a much higher level. Someone with management ability and desire can build their business into a multi-team, multi-vehicle operation. It is our desire to take each franchisee as high and as far as he or she wishes to go. If you feel attracted to this franchise opportunity, we would be very pleased to welcome you to our Head Office for a ON-SITE Cleaning Discovery Day that will give you a full understanding of all that is involved.

Here are the steps to becoming a franchisee:

Step 1  Contact Us

First of all, complete the franchise enquiry form on the right. If urgent, please call us.    

Step 2  We will Respond

On receipt of your online enquiry, you will receive a reply email from our franchise recruitment manager.  The email will contain further information and an invitation to speak to us by telephone.    

Step 3  Telephone Conversation

Our franchise recruitment manager will phone you and discuss whether an ON-SITE Cleaning franchise might be suitable for you and your circumstances. Any particular questions that you might have will be answered.  

Step 4  Initial Meeting 

If there is agreement that there is merit in proceeding, an initial face-to-face meeting will be arranged between you and a representative of ON-SITE Cleaning. After further discussions, and assuming that you are still excited about a franchise, you will be invited to a discovery day with ON-SITE Cleaning.

Step 5  Attend Our Discovery Day

ON-SITE Cleaning discovery days are normally held at Head Office in Bellville, Cape Town. At the discovery day, which is a one to one meeting that lasts for about 4 hours, you will be shown the insider secrets of our business and how we operate. However, we can't show you everything; we are very protective of our dynamic marketing strategies. Of course, you will be shown everything once you commence training.

 Step 6  Consider Everything

After your discovery day you will be invited to go home and carefully consider everything that you have been briefed on. You will be invited to talk to our franchisees, and also to your family and any professional advisers.

Step 7  Make a Formal Application

If at this point you are still excited about becoming a franchisee, you will be invited to submit a confidential information form to Head Office. You will also be required to pay a small non-refundable deposit to secure your franchise option in your local territory. 

Step 8  Selection Process

On receipt of your confidential information agreement our franchisee selection process commences. During selection we will contact your referees and follow up on any references that you have supplied.

Step 9  Sign Our Franchise Agreement

If everything is in order we will visit you in your territory and the franchise agreement will be signed. Full payment of the initial franchise fee (less the deposit already paid at step 7) is required at this stage.  After a 7-day cool-off period we will order the equipment and application for close corporation and registration for  VAT, PAYE, UIF and Workman Compensation will be submitted. There is a lead-time of 5 weeks on delivery of equipment.

Step 10  One-to-One Training

Your training will commence two to three weeks after the equipment was ordered - See Training.

Step 11  Marketing and ON-SITE Training for employees

After successfully completed the training you will receive the necessary promotional material to schedule meetings for marketing during the 5 days scheduled for marketing and the training of employees - See Training.

Step 12  OFF on your Road to Success       

Now you start to enjoy the fruits of our knowledge and of your investment.  

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