U n l e a s h   Y o u r   F u l l   P o t e n t i a l

Before you continue reading, please examine the following:

  • I want a secure future
  • I want to work from home 
  • I want to run my own business
  • I want to be my own boss  
  • I want to get paid what I am really worth  
  • I want to run a professional business
  • I want a business that is stable and enjoys growth 
  • I want a business with exceptional ongoing support
  • I want to build a business with a long term potential
  • I want a business with a proven track record 

Have any of these thoughts crossed your mind?

Are you willing to work hard to achieve your goals?

Are you thinking of joining a successful franchise?

Do you believe in yourself and are you prepared to invest in yourself?

If you can say "yes" to the above questions then you qualify to explore this opportunity! Please take a few minutes to evaluate this industry.

What the Industry Says

Today's window treatments are so varied that conventional wet-cleaning or dry-cleaning is not always possible. The on-site process helps to prevent colour loss on most fabrics and does not involve agitation, extraction, or immersion in a solution, so shrinkage or stretching is not a problem. The convenience of this process may also encourage more frequent cleanings which could potentially extend the life of this item.  

There is no longer any need for your customer to remove curtains and live in a "fishbowl" for days or settle for just vacuuming. Within a few hours the entire cleaning job is finished.  Home & business owners love the fact that the draperies never leave the rod. Large institutions, like hotels, theaters and offices, save thousands of rands in the cost of labor and ruined drapes.

Evaluate the Industry

Look Around – Your Potential is Massive

Take a trip through your local area and look around. The potential is massive. In every direction there are homes, shops, offices, schools, hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, hospitals, etc. The list is endless. All these properties have windows and require cleaning of their window-coverings.

Nobody wants to live with bare windows and not all people have loaner curtains or blinds when their window-coverings are taken down for cleaning. Being without these coverings is a safety risk that people cannot afford to take in South Africa.

The window-covering business has expanded drastically over the last 20 years and the cleaning industry needs to have an answer to the decorative and swanky designs. Features like swags, tails, pelmets and bull-noses cannot be removed without the interior decorator support to put it back.

Functional and durable fabrics like block-out cannot be cleaned by the traditional Dry Cleaners. Customers have no other option but to sign the waiver at traditional Dry Cleaners not to raise any claims if the curtains are shrunken or are damaged.

The cleaning industry is booming

For commercial clients, government properties and families working and living in a healthy and hygienic environment is essential. They are in need to maintain the exact hygiene standards in a cost effecctive and productive way.

You TOO can tap into the innovative ON-SITE Cleaning strategies

As an ON-SITE Cleaning franchisee, you will receive comprehensive support in a home-based , low cost, high-profit business that all domestic and commercial buildings have a need for. Each franchisee is provided with the opportunity to replicate a proven franchise in his or her exclusive territory.

No experience needed

It is a hi-tech solution to an age-old problem but it's not "rocket science". We will train you and be on call to assist if you are unsure about anything.

Unique – little or no competition – in an Untapped Market

We estimate that less than 2% of the population are even aware that their curtains and blinds can be cleaned ON-SITE – Right where it hangs! The growth potential is unmatched !!

Running your own ON-SITE Cleaning business ...

            You can gain control of your own life,

                             You can have satisfaction seeing the results and


You will be well remunerated for your efforts!!

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