As part of our support services to our franchisees, we are committed to delivering a comprehensive on-going support and back-up package, the key elements of which includes:

  • The provision of the best equipment to do the most efficient cleaning methods.  
  • The provision of spare parts and technical advice on the machines used in the franchise and the repair of the machines.
  • The supply of specialist cleaning solutions and materials which complement the equipment to produce the best results, safely and with minimum effort.
  • The provision of a tried and tested marketing program which enables the franchisee to best exploit their local territory.
  • Regular updating of the Operations Manual to ensure that the franchisees have the know-how of the complete business method.
  • A research and development programme that produces an awareness of development within the marketing sector and which ensures that the franchisees are operating at the cutting edge of new development.
  • Maintaining a good communication with franchisees by telephone, fax and email, in the best interest of the business.  
  • The availability of hot-line to enable franchisees to obtain advice and guidance on every aspect of the business activity within normal working hours.
  • The  ON-SITE Cleaning website which promotes the service.  Each franchisee will receive an email-address and enquiries are directed to the appropriate franchisee’s email-address.
  • The monitoring of production and cost efficiency of the different services as well as the efficiency of employees.  Franchisees will be informed on average work ratios and suggestions to improve productivity and efficiency.
  • The provision of a complete administration and accounting procedures that enables the franchisee to be efficient in all necessary procedure.

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