Initial ONE-TO-ONE Training Course

The training course consists of an initial 5-day course.  It includes thorough one-to-one in-the-field training at our Head Office in Bellville.  The comprehensive program ensures that new franchisees become competent in every area of the business method, from effective marketing to provision of service and administration of the business.  An additional 2-day course is also available in the software accounting package.

Operations Manual

During the training franchisees are issued with a comprehensive Operations Manual together with a supplementary DVD.  The manual clearly document the highly valuable know-how, expertise and the formula for success of ON-SITE Cleaning.


Each new franchisee is fully trained in the winning marketing techniques and strategies that have been proved to be successful.  The franchisee learns in days that others learn in 3 to 5 years.

Training for employees in Franchisee’s area – 5 days

A 3-day course will be held at the franchisee’s premises to train employee/s in operational procedures with the franchisee’s equipment.  All the different methods will be taught and franchisee will arrange for the availability of different features.  The franchisor will spend 2-days with the franchisee to do the initial marketing and promotions.  Franchisee can arrange the marketing during these 5 days according to the availability of possible future clients.

Continuation Training

At ON-SITE Cleaning we believe that training is an ongoing process. The cleaning industry is evolving all the time, with new products, techniques and materials appearing regularly. Our ongoing training is designed to keep franchises fresh and up to date with new products and methods.

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