We clean mattresses for genereal hygiene, if they got dusty after building work, for landlords & tenants, if there has been an accident and they need to be hygienically cleaned and deoderised and commercial for hotels.

A large amount of dry skin ends up in the mattress and grows bacteria causing an unpleasant odor. Changing sheets and mattress covers, will not keep your mattress clean.  In fact covers will have more of an adverse effect because of lack of oxygen.  You clean everything that you own; your-self, clothes, floors, walls, counters, sinks, bathrooms, carpets, curtains, blinds,etc.  But never your mattress?

Did you know?

        •    People spend about 1/3 of our live sleeping.

        •    A person sheds an average of 4 kilograms of skin and 8 litres of sweat into a mattressevery year.


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