Blind types

  • Vertical

  • Venetian – Bamboo, Aluminium, Wood, Laminated Wood

  • Roman – Fabric, Block-out

  • Roller

  • Duette Shades / Honeycomb


  • Available the same day

  • Removes dirt, dust and contaminants

  • Individual spot treatment

  • Restore original colors

  • Reduce Allergies

  • Prolong lifespan

Are you turning a blind eye to cleaning your blinds? ON-SITE CLEANING has the answer.

Your blinds protect your windows, home or business from a variety of damaging elements. Through regular wear and tear blinds suffer from a range of issues, which are reversible through our cleaning process.

Whether you are a business such as a hotel, large conference venue, guest house, or just need to get a price to clean your curtains at home, we are happy to provide you with our estimate.

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